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Welcome to my website. The aim of this site is to act as a viewpoint for my Natural History photographs. I enjoy all aspects of Natural History such as mammals, birds, plants and insects and all of the photographs have been taken on holidays in Kenya, Tanzania, The Gambia, Japan and Namibia.

I have taken all the photographs with Canon cameras and lenses.

I have been giving presentations on East Africa titled 'Talks on the Wild Side' to organisations in Berkshire, Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire using a digital projector, and these have been well received. The presentations I give are suitable for groups such as the RSPB, National Trust, Women's Institutes, Townswomen's Guilds, U3A, Retirement Clubs and Camera Clubs, in fact, any group that has an interest in Natural History and organises a programme of events with guest speakers. The size of the audience does not matter.